Lobster Council of Canada Implementing Long-Term Value Marketing Strategy

HALIFAX, N.S. — A three-year marketing and promotion strategy for Canadian lobster is being implemented by the Lobster Council of Canada (LCC). 

The Long-term Value Strategy for Canadian Lobster project has three principal activities; marketing and promotion, market intelligence and market access activities, says Geoff Irvine, executive director of the LCC.

Under Marketing and Promotion of Canadian Lobster, Irvine says, “We will critically review the marketing strategy that was developed in 2015 and update for the market realities of 2019 and the future. What has changed in retail, foodservice and e-commerce?  How should we be preparing for the trends of today including appealing to the ‘conscious carnivore’ and the challenge of ‘ethical protein.’”  

What does Generation Z want on their plates compared with millennials, Generation X and the boomers?

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