Maine’s Lobster Biz Looks to Crack Open New Markets as Catch Soars

PORTLAND, MAINE – Maine’s lobster business is starting a new push to try to get the state’s most coveted seafood item to corners of the country that don’t get a chance to crack open a lobster tail as often as New Englanders.

The annual lobster catch has been high for several years in Maine, and it increased by nearly 10 percent from 2017 to 2018. That leaves the industry in a position to try to find new audiences for lobster in an era when exporting the seafood to many foreign countries is difficult because of tariffs.

Lobstermen in Maine pay a fee to support the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative, which collects about $2 million per year to promote the state’s lobster brand. The focus this year will be on targeting distributors to move more live and processed lobster, members of the collaborative said.

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