Newport International Adopts Major Crab Sustainability Policy

Saint Petersburg, FL – St Petersburg's own Newport International, makers of Jack's Catch and Pacific Cove brand seafood, along with companies that represent more than 60% of the U.S. market for imported Blue Swimming Crab have launched a major sustainability initiative designed to end the harvesting of undersized crabs.

"To ensure the most sustainable crab products Newport International has taken its efforts right to the source. Our sustainability partners in Indonesia and the Philippines know that this minimum size policy is one that follows science and regional regulations and that it will be updated regularly," said Aaron Huckabee Director of Quality Assurance for Newport. "Sustainability is not just a program at Newport, it's a priority." said Alex Malaguti VP of Marketing for the company.

Newport International and 10 other crab importing companies make up the National Fisheries Institute's Crab Council.

The Council members collectively fund nearly half a million dollars in Blue Swimming Crab sustainability work annually and have received three grants from the World Bank's Allfish program.

"The work they fund and this new industry-leading, minimum-size policy has moved us to tell companies we work with that NFI Crab Council members are helping improve Blue Swimming Crab fisheries, and are responsible suppliers," said Howard Johnson, Director of Global Programs for the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership.

Lawrence Street and the NFI Crab Council are meeting is Boston as part of the International Boston Seafood Show.

Source: Newport International