Verlasso Salmon: Farming With Intention

At the beginning of the new year, we shared that Verlasso is committed to becoming an even greener and more sustainable aquaculture company.  With this commitment in mind, there are many exciting changes we plan on implementing over the next few years.

One profound change is that we are in the process of working through details in an effort to seed new sites in Region XII of Magallanes.

Why Explore This Region?

Verlasso has always worked under a mandate of continuous improvement. Beginning with our ground breaking feed, pen densities and much more! Our current salmon pens reside in an area of Patagonian Chile known as Region XI of Aysen.  This area has provided us with so many learnings as we grew over the last eight years.  Though this region is remote and has a sparse population, Region XII of Magallanes, is even more isolated and pristine allowing us to improve our already sustainable farming practices that much further.  Far from environmental pollutants, the Magallanes region is in the southernmost part of the country. 

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