xpertSea Simplifies the Journey to Sell Shrimp Responsibly

Quebec, CANADA –  xpertSea, a Canadian technology company that makes aquaculture more productive and sustainable, announced xpertSea Responsible Shrimp, a new data-driven solution that makes sourcing sustainable shrimp easy for international buyers. Leveraging xpertSea’s deep network of farmer relationships and xpertSea MAX technology, xpertSea Responsible Shrimp simplifies meeting sustainability commitments and unlocks farm-to-table shrimp with powerful marketing and storytelling opportunities.

Seafood buyers face evolving market conditions that make sourcing responsibly an imperative. Consumers are increasingly demanding food they can trust, with clear information about its source and impacts. Companies have made public commitments to carbon reduction in their supply chain but may not have a clear path yet to meet them. Regulatory pressure, such as required carbon emission disclosures and traceability requirements, add complexity and uncertainty to the sourcing process. And while seafood is one of the world’s most globally traded commodities, accessing reliable information about its production can be especially complex.

xpertSea’s Responsible Shrimp offering makes meeting these evolving market conditions seamless, and makes sustainable shrimp a reality that any buyer can access today. 

With xpertSea Responsible Shrimp, buyers can:

  • Open the door to new customers: Unlock powerful storytelling opportunities using verified and customizable information direct from the producer.
  • Comply with evolving regulator and customer demands: Use xpertSea’s innovative on-farm tech to collect meaningful data on carbon footprint, traceability, and other critical ESG reporting metrics.
  • Mitigate supply chain risk and promote long-term stability: Negotiate fair prices for farmers while remaining market competitive.
  • Secure order fulfillment and better plan inventory: Manage inventory with xpertSea’s direct-from-farm supply forecasting. Our proprietary shrimp growth algorithms help farmers reliably deliver on harvest targets, insight we pass through to support your buying cycles.
  • Gain a trusted partner: Unprecedented transparency into your supply network.

“This launch represents a significant milestone in our journey towards empowering a sustainable food system,” said Katie Sokalsky, CEO of xpertSea. “We began by creating technology to improve shrimp aquaculture productivity and improve farmers’ lives. Since then, we’ve focused on deepening our understanding of farmers’ needs and refining our technology to ensure that sustainable shrimp production and sourcing are easily accessible to all buyers. We are convinced that shrimp can be affordable, delicious, and good for the planet. We are excited to be taking this important step forward.”

xpertSea Responsible Sourcing leverages xpertSea MAX, a sophisticated AI platform that enables farmers to obtain precise shrimp data, insights and predictions and collect ESG metrics such as carbon footprint, biodiversity, environmental performance, labor conditions, and animal welfare. With this information in hand, farmers can offer international buyers more sustainable seafood, leading to a more transparent, traceable and eco-friendly supply chain. 

“Empowering buyers and retailers to connect to who produced their shrimp and how it was produced through verified farm data is a big step toward a more sustainable and transparent aquaculture industry,” said Amy Novogratz, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Aqua-Spark and an xpertSea board member. “Not only is XpertSea making it much easier and more necessary for responsible seafood sourcing, they are also encouraging farmers and delivering them more value to improve their practices and produce more sustainably.”

Together with xpertSea, buyers are now able to KNOW YOUR FARMER, SOURCE INTELLIGENTLY, and DRIVE IMPACT:

  • KNOW YOUR FARMER: xpertSea’s deep connection to the producer allows the consumer to learn about their farmer and how and where their shrimp was grown. Our innovative xpertSea MAX technology verifies the exact time and location for where the shrimp was grown and harvested using GPS and satellite imagery. This traceability data is then shared in a universally accepted format, according to the standards laid out by the Global Dialog on Seafood Traceability (GDST).  
  • SOURCE INTELLIGENTLY: Our xpertSea MAX technology platform uses real-time and predictive AI to enable efficient supply and demand matching. We can predict the commercial class size of shrimp with over 95% accuracy more than 30 days in advance, allowing for greater stability in the supply chain. xpertSea’s purchasing contracts benefit both farmers and buyers by creating a more stable relationship. All of the deals are underwritten by xpertSea, providing trust and reducing counterparty risk.
  • DRIVE IMPACT: Buyers can enact positive change for the shrimp industry through our ready-made improvement programs. By partnering with xpertSea, buyers can propel shrimp farming towards a carbon-neutral future, restore critical mangrove forests, ensure sustainable livelihoods for farmers, and more. By simply using xpertSea MAX on a farm, approximately 7,075kg of CO2 is avoided per container shipped. Our suite of embedded services to farmers gives xpertSea unmatched leverage for implementing and measuring these improvements. 

About xpertSea

xpertSea’s mission is to use data and technology to bring trust, transparency and productivity to aquaculture. We are working towards a better, fairer and more sustainable aquaculture industry by leveraging AI to help farmers increase their efficiency and boost their output through valuable data-driven production insights. Visit our website at www.xpertSea.com