Discover How AgroFresh is Empowering the Business of Fresh this April  

April 18, 2024 AgroFresh

Attendees are invited to speak with AgroFresh team members about our full lineup of near- and post-harvest solutions, now including Pace International’s full portfolio of post-harvest solutions, equipment, and technical services, and the industry leading SO2 intelligent packaging technology for table grapes, berries and flowers from Tessara.    

Japanese Ministry of Agriculture Grants New Approval for Broccoli Solutions

April 11, 2024 AgroFresh    

AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., a global leader in post-harvest solutions for fresh produce, is pleased to announce the approval by regulatory authorities in Japan of 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), the active ingredient in SmartFresh, for use in broccoli and other key crops exported to Japan.

AgroFresh Acquires Pace International LLC,Expanding Post-Harvest Solutions Portfolio 

March 27, 2024 AgroFresh Solutions Inc.

The acquisition of Pace bolsters AgroFresh’s presence in key fruit-growing regions in North and South America and further enables the company to support its global customers with quality and freshness solutions for high value and highly perishable crops. 

AgroFresh Expands its Commitment to Address the Industry’s Most Pressing Challenges

February 8, 2024 AgroFresh

As the pioneer in leading post-harvest technologies for the world’s highest production value produce, AgroFresh Solutions, Inc., is excited to announce a refreshed promise to the produce industry – to empower the business of fresh at every step, helping customers produce abundant, sustainable, quality fresh produce for all. This mission follows AgroFresh’s expansion of solutions, now including the industry’s leading SO2 intelligent packaging technology for table grapes, berries and flowers. 

AgroFresh Finalizes Tessara Acquisition, Broadening Post-Harvest Solutions Portfolio

September 20, 2023 AgroFresh

AgroFresh Solutions Inc., a global leader in AgTech innovation specializing in post-harvest produce freshness and quality solutions, announces the completion of its acquisition of Tessara. South African based Tessara is an industry-leading provider of intelligent packaging solutions for preserving fresh produce, specializing in SO2 generating sheets to prevent decay in table grapes, berries, and flowers.