Grapes, Weather, or Inflation

June 23, 2023 Agtools

High table grape prices experienced in the US during the last weeks are not necessarily due to inflation but must likely for weather changes in the Mexican region of Caborca, Sinaloa. While countries like Chile, Peru, and South Africa, had their grape season in April and May, the cold hours during November in the grape fields in Caborca, delayed the harvest and put their grapes in a dormant state, impacting the supply and market opportunity window for Mexican grapes in the US Markets. A very similar situation happened in the 2019 season, also due to weather changes. 

“University of Arizona Research Project Discovers Consumer Demand for Specialty Bell Peppers”

December 3, 2021 Agtools

The study showed that consumers seem to be driving the market for high-quality greenhouse and shade house peppers and cucumbers. Colored peppers from Mexico demonstrate a strong preference from consumers, retailers, and wholesalers. Mexican cucumbers, English, Persian and mini cucumbers have continued to grow market share due to prime growing conditions and superior packing standards. The Super Select “slicer” cucumber from Mexico continues to set the standard.

COVID-19 Crisis Shines Light on Food Chain Weaknesses

March 31, 2020 AGTools

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