Kitchen Automation Pioneer Aniai Opens Showroom in New York City for its Award-winning Hamburger Cooking Robot ‘Alpha Grill’

May 13, 2024 Aniai

Aniai’s flagship product Alpha Grill leverages advanced AI and robotics to automate the hamburger patty cooking process, enhancing efficiency and consistency in restaurant kitchens. Aniai has partnered with several notable, North American, quick-service-restaurant brands to conduct pilots, with an anticipated rollout at multiple locations over the next year.

Aniai’s Ai-Powered Hamburger Cooking Robots Expand into North America

November 1, 2023 Aniai

Aniai, a rapidly growing robotics company and a global leader in innovative kitchen solutions, has unveiled its strategic plans for North America, marking a significant milestone in the company’s global growth strategy. As a key component of this strategy, the South Korean company has recently established its headquarters in New York City, added a pivotal member to its leadership team, and is gearing up to hire top talent to support its North American expansion.