Picnic Works and ContekPro Partner to Deliver the First Modular Automated Pizza Kitchen

November 2, 2022 Picnic Works

Picnic Works, a Seattle-based developer of kitchen automation technology, today announced a partnership with ContekPro, a Portland-based manufacturer of modular kitchens. The partnership fuses the strengths of both companies to create factory-built pizza kitchens for commercial foodservice providers. The joint offering is faster to deploy, hassle-free to launch, more cost-efficient than brick and mortar, and has less impact on the environment, while increasing profitability for owners.

Basil Street Announces Partnership with Automated Retail Company Prepango to Bring Innovative Automated Pizza Kitchens to Major Airports Nationwide

October 13, 2021 Basil Street

As part of its 2021 nationwide rollout, Basil Street has announced a partnership with Prepango, an automated retail company specializing in securing contracts for automated retail, food and beverage in airports. With existing operations at several of the largest airports in the country, the partnership marks a poignant milestone for Basil Street as it expands into the aviation and travel industry.