Achieving the World’s First “Plastic Neutral” Fishery in the Azores

The Azores pole-and-line fishery has become the worlds first ‘plastic neutral’ fishery! As part of an annual ghost gear removal competition project in 2021, the fleet have removed more plastic fishing gear from the ocean, by weight, than it lost on an annual basis.

The Reason São Jorge Cheese is So Rare

January 4, 2022 Mashed

You’ve probably never heard of São Jorge, a 95 square mile volcanic island situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where the cows outnumber human inhabitants. Part of what is known as the central group of the islands that make up the Portuguese archipelago called the Azores, São Jorge is known for producing its namesake cheese, which Business Insider describes as “one of the richest and most elaborate cheeses on earth.”

IPNLF Launches Tuna Tales Film Series at CCRUP Meeting in Azores About Vital Role of One-By-One Tuna Fisheries and Threats to Their Survival

Representatives from the European Commision, France, Portugal, and Spain gathered in the beautiful mid-Atlantic archipelago, the Azores, to celebrate the first in-person meeting of the Outermost Regions Advisory Council (CCRUP) in the last week of September 2021. CCRUP is a recently formed regional EU stakeholder-led organisation that provides the European Commission and relevant EU countries with recommendations on fisheries management matters. More than 60 organizations from France, Portugal and Spain are currently part of the Advisory Council (AC).