Caribbean Red Papaya from Brooks Tropicals Expected to Lead Peak Papaya Season

December 15, 2022 Brooks Tropicals

Though it is available all year round, the most popular season for papaya is approaching for the New Year, and Brooks Tropicals is, quite literally, bringing a lot more color and flavor to the market with its Caribbean Red® Papaya. Named for its distinctive deep reddish-orange flesh, the Caribbean Red® Papaya, offers a sweeter flavor profile than lighter-colored Maradol papayas, making it a favorite with customers across their North American distribution footprint.

Hazel Technologies, Inc. and Brooks Tropicals Celebrate Five Years of Tropical Quality Advancements

December 31, 2021 Hazel Technologies

Hazel Technologies announces five years of quality protection collaboration with Homestead, FL-based Brooks Tropicals, a grower/packer/shipper of over a dozen tropical commodities including starfruit, SlimCado® avocados, Caribbean Red® papayas, limes, passion fruit, and dragon fruit.

Brooks Tropicals Continues Year-Round Tropical Avocado Season With Carla Variety Slimcado

January 20, 2021 Brooks Tropicals

As the 2020/2021 Florida tropical avocado season winds down, Brooks Tropicals has been supplementing supplies of the original tropical avocado branded SlimCado™ with fresh fruit from the Dominican Republic.

Javier Gonzalez Ebra Joins Brooks Tropicals

January 9, 2019 Brooks Tropicals

Brooks Tropicals is proud to welcome Javier Gonzalez Ebra to the team as Sales Manager. Javier joins Brooks after a two decade career in the produce business working with Del Monte, Frontera, and Freedom Fresh.