Oregon Joins a New Caged-Egg Prohibition Sweeping the West Coast

Senate Bill 1019 requires commercial farms with 3,000 or more chickens to go cage-free and prevents the purchase or sale of caged eggs, in places such as grocery stores and restaurants, starting in 2024.

U.S. Egg Market Cracks After McDonald’s Pledges Cage-Free McMuffins

April 15, 2019 Leslie Patton, Bloomberg

The world’s largest restaurant company is about a third of the way to meeting its goal of being entirely cage-free in the U.S. by 2025 — a target it shares with a broad array of retailers and food producers. The expected surge in demand has sparked barn upgrades across the country over the last several years, with producers building facilities that give hens a bit more space.

Giant Food Issues ‘Cage Free Eggs’ Statement

February 26, 2019 Giant Food

We have committed to working with suppliers to reach a 100 percent cage-free shell egg assortment by 2025. We are working toward a 100 percent cage-free shell egg assortment first in private brand selection, which accounts for the majority of our shell egg sales.