Chilean Citrus Season Has Arrived

The Citrus Committee of ASOEX has released its estimate for the 2023 season, projecting global exports of 345,000 tons.  This represents a significant increase across all categories from 2022, when Chile was negatively impacted by climatic factors, logistical issues and rising freight costs.  Citrus exports in 2022 were consequently down by 32%.

Chilean Citrus Season Projects Volume Increase to the U.S. Market

In its initial forecast for the 2021 season, the Chilean Citrus Committee of ASOEX estimates a six percent increase in citrus exports, encompassing navels, lemons, and easy peelers (clementines and mandarins). With a total citrus forecast of 387,000 tons, Chile expects to ship roughly 85 percent of all volume to the U.S. market.

Robust Demand Continues for Chilean Navel Oranges

September 10, 2020 Chilean Fresh Fruit Association

U.S. demand for Chilean navel oranges has been robust since the season started, and the market continues to demonstrate great sales momentum as September progresses. As of Week 35, Chile had shipped 70,373 tons of navel oranges (95% of its total orange volume) to North America.

Chilean Citrus Meets Increased Market Demand with Strong Volumes

The Chilean Citrus industry is forecasting export volume of 347,000 tons across all categories, which represents a 4% increase over 2019.

Chilean Citrus Season has Arrived

Chile commenced shipping in Week 16, with 71,771 boxes of clementines currently on the water. As of May 2, 55,268 boxes of clementines were headed for the East Coast and 16,503 to the West. Chilean Clementines will be followed by lemons, navels and mandarins.