Christmas Tree Industry Votes to Continue Research and Promotion Program

June 18, 2019 USDA AMS

In the referendum held April 22 through May 17, 2019, 55 percent of Christmas tree producers and importers who voted were in favor of continuing the program. Christmas tree producers and importers who were subject to assessments during the period of September 1, 2018 through March 15, 2019, were eligible to participate in the referendum.

Sigep Observatory of Italian Exhibition Group: Christmas Cakes Showcased from the Most Famous Italian Confectioners

December 17, 2018 Italian Exhibition Group

In preparation for Christmas Eve 2018, the Sigep Observatory of Italian Exhibition Group, linked to the International Trade Show of Artisan Pastry and Baking (in Italy, at Rimini Expo Centre from 19th to 23rd January 2019), interviewed some of the most famous Italian confectioners who have ordained artisan-made panettone as the King of Christmas together with some extremely imaginative cakes.

Shortage of Collard Greens for the Christmas Holiday

December 17, 2018 San Miguel Produce, Inc.

Growers of dark leafy greens around the country have been impacted by various weather issues this year which has resulted in a shortage of collard greens for the Christmas holiday. San Miguel Produce, Inc., a grower and one of the nation’s largest fresh-cut processors of collard greens, is affected. Poor weather conditions and national disasters have contributed to the shortage nationwide.