Cold Hardy Citrus Association Reports Strong Mid-Season Outlook

December 15, 2022 Cold Hardy Citrus Association

Halfway through the selling season and Satsuma mandarins and other cold hardy varietals are still in abundant supply according to the Cold Hardy Citrus Association (CHCA). Growers had predicted this year’s harvest would be favorable at the season’s start, and the groves are  producing beyond those early expectations. “We are seeing good quality, bigger size, and lots of volume left to pick on trees, especially for Satsumas,” shared Kim Jones, current President of the CHCA.

Strong Promotable Volumes for 2022 Satsuma Season

September 9, 2022 Sweet Valley Citrus

“Favorable late Spring weather and more groves reaching maturity have contributed to a heavy set of great-looking fruit as we approach the 2022 Satsuma season,” explained Kim Jones, owner of Florida Georgia Citrus and current president of Cold Hardy Citrus Association. “The trees are heavy with beautiful, uniform fruit. We anticipate a record Satsuma crop for 2022.”

Sweet Valley Citrus Debuts at New York Produce Show

December 20, 2021 Cold Hardy Citrus Association

The Cold Hardy Citrus Association (CHCA), a collaborative group of more than 75 growers, handlers, processors and allied businesses of all sizes, with groves and packing facilities throughout the Florida Panhandle, Eastern Alabama and Southern Georgia, will debut their newly created regional brand—Sweet Valley Citrus—at the New York Produce Show on December 15, 2021.