Chrysal Compostable Sachet Receives Home Compostable Certificate

May 31, 2022 Chrysal

Our compostable sachet, introduced in 2018 has recently received the DIN Home Compostable Certificate (9P0044). This means that not only is the sachet industrial compostable, but is also home compostable; taking  26 weeks to decompose in a home compost heap. With the introduction of the compostable sachet Chrysal contributes to the change within the flower industry moving from traditional plastic packaging to more sustainable alternatives.

Chrysal’s Compostable Sachet Nominated for Greenovation Award

September 27, 2019 Chrysal International

Chrysal is very proud to announce that our new Chrysal Compostable Sachet, our well known flower food in a 100% industrial compostable packaging, has been nominated for the Greenovation Award. Royal FloraHolland wants to stimulate sustainability in the chain and therefore presents this award during the Trade Fair Aalsmeer.