Fine Choice Foods Rebrands SUMM! to Reflect Growth, Culture and Heritage

April 22, 2022 Fine Choice Foods

Fine Choice Foods, a leading producer of Asian-inspired foods throughout North America, today announced a rebrand of its SUMM! line of products as well as the launch of a new customer-focused website. The evolving positioning and new look and feel of the brand illustrate the company’s continued growth while reflecting the brand’s quality, culture and heritage.

Nasoya Invites Americans to Explore New Mealtime Horizons With Introduction Of Kimchi Relish and Korean BBQ Dumplings, Both 100% Plant-Based

February 25, 2021 Nasoya

Nasoya, the nation’s leading brand of tofu and other plant-based and Asian-inspired foods, is expanding its offerings with the launch of Kimchi Relish and a new vegan dumpling variety, Korean BBQ Vegetable Dumplings.