EQUII Announces Partnership with Bridor to Revolutionize Artisanal Bakery with Complete Protein Baked Goods

January 25, 2024 EQUII

EQUII, the pioneering complete protein foodtech transforming the nutritional value of bread, has today announced its partnership with Bridor, the North American leader in high-quality bakery products, to bring the next generation of baked goods with higher protein and improved nutrition to the North American artisanal bakery category.

EQUII Launches Added Fiber Version of Pioneering Complete Protein Breads, Setting New Standard for Nutritional Bread 

December 14, 2023 EQUII

EQUII, the trailblazing complete protein bread pioneer, has unveiled its latest triumph in nutritional innovation – the introduction of its new EQUII Complete Protein and Added Fiber breads, which are available in both Premium Classic Wheat + Fiber and Premium Multi-Grain + Fiber. These new exceptional breads are set to redefine the nutritional value of a daily staple with an impressive 4 grams of dietary fiber per slice as well as 8 grams of complete protein. 

EQUII Unveils Revolutionary Complete Protein Bread With Great Taste at Expo East 2023

September 27, 2023 EQUII

EQUII breads are the epitome of innovation and nutrition, delivering unbeatable taste while transforming everyday essentials into health-conscious indulgences. EQUII’s breads contain a remarkable 10 grams of complete protein per slice, setting them apart in the market as a complete protein source.