Hormel Health Labs Revolutionizes Dysphagia Diet Baking With New Thick & Easy Texture Modified Bread and Dessert Mix

September 20, 2021 Hormel Foods Corporation

Hormel Health Labs introduced today THICK & EASY® TEXTURE MODIFIED BREAD AND DESSERT MIX, making consumption of bread products easier for those with swallowing difficulties, medically referred to as dysphagia.

The Makers of Happy Little Plants Brand Launch Plant-Based Pepperoni Style Topping

August 20, 2021 Hormel Foods Corporation

For any pizzeria or restaurateur looking to add plant-based pizazz to their pizzas, Hormel Foods, the makers of America’s No. 1 selling pepperoni*, are introducing Happy Little Plants® pepperoni style topping. Everyone should be able to enjoy the experience of pepperoni pizza. Our plant-based pepperoni-style topping will impress both plant-lovers and pork enthusiasts.

NATURAL CHOICE Brand Good Feeds Us All Tour Rolls into Twin Cities

June 28, 2021 HORMEL FOODS

The makers of the Natural Choice® brand embarked on the 2021 Good Feeds Us All Tour across America, partnering with local retailers and BBQ legend Moe Cason to provide monetary and product donations for those in need.

The Makers of the NATURAL CHOICE Brand Partner with BBQ Legend Moe Cason for the Launch of the 2021 “Good Feeds Us All Tour” Across America

June 24, 2021 Hormel Foods Corporation

The initial leg of the tour will include stops in St. Paul, Des Moines and Kansas City, Mo., and will include visits to community centers to provide monetary donations, Natural Choice® product donations and complimentary boxed lunches provided by Hy-Vee for those in need. The tour also includes free public sampling events at various grocery retailers in the Twin Cities as well as others in each region.

Hormel Deli Solutions Launch the Perfect Plate Brand Offering Consumers a Touch-Free Dinner Experience

March 5, 2021 Hormel Foods Corporation

The new Perfect Plate™ products are made to make it easy for retailers to deliver what consumers are looking for in a touch-free, convenient, and delicious meal while easing the back of house challenges that may come with prepared meal products.