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The Truth About ‘Local’ Food in US Supermarkets: ‘It’s a Marketing Gimmick’

The term doesn’t mean that much any more, and there are other, more important factors to consider when selecting food If you walk into a Whole Foods in Oakland and pick up a container of

Local Food Sales Continue to Grow Through a Variety of Marketing Channels

October 7, 2021 Stephen Martinez, USDA ERS

Local foods represent a small but growing share of the U.S. food system—one reflection of consumers’ increasing influence on food production. Local food producers sell their goods directly to consumers at places such as farmers markets, on-farm stores, or pick-your-own stores.

Empire Company and its family of brands Partner With District Ventures to Springboard Success for Local Food Entrepreneurs

February 4, 2020 District Ventures

District Ventures, Canada’s leading ecosystem focused on bringing capital, marketing, programming and commercialization to companies in the food, beverage and health CPG industries, is thrilled to announce an innovative new partnership with Empire Company and its family of brands. The national grocer has become title sponsor of District Ventures’ Accelerator program and District Ventures Kitchen.