Louisiana Oysterman Tony Tesvich’s Tales From the Gulf

For Louisiana oysterman Tony Tesvich the last few years have been all about water, water, and more water. Too much, too little, poor quality, high salinity, low salinity, nitrogen, phosphates and hypoxia; over the past two years his oysters have been flooded with a host of water issues with the latest being the future plans of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CRPA).

The Seafood Industry’s Empty Net Syndrome Impacting Restaurants

Summer in Louisiana means blue crab season, when local consumers flock to seafood markets for boiled crabs and chefs add crab-centric specials to their menus. It’s when the crab supply peaks and prices are at their most favorable.

Louisiana Soft-Shell Crab Decline Affecting Local Businesses

January 10, 2019 Scott Yoshonis, Daily Comet

Production of soft-shell crabs in the region has dropped dramatically in the past few decades for a variety of reasons.