SFP Publishes New Sector Reports on Octopus, Mahi-Mahi

Two new sector reports by Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) find that, while the reported production and trade of octopus and mahi-mahi have increased significantly in recent decades, a lack of data and inadequate regulations present a challenge to sustainable management of these fisheries. 

Historical Achievement Will Enable 930 Mahi-Mahi and Squid Artisanal Vessels to Operate Legally In Peruvian Waters

In response to fishery stakeholders, the Peruvian Government issued a historic decree to enable fisher registration by cooperatives in the mahi-mahi and jumbo flying squid fisheries, two of the most globally significant artisanal fisheries in the world. This removes the barriers for more than 900 mahi-mahi and squid artisanal vessels in major fisher organizations to be able to operate legally in Peruvian waters. 

FDA Issues Draft Compliance Policy Guide for Decomposition and Histamine in Scombrotoxin (Histamine)-forming Fish and Fishery Products

December 24, 2021 FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is issuing a draft Compliance Policy Guide (CPG) that revises the current CPG Sec. 540.525 on decomposition and histamine in fish and fishery products. This draft CPG provides guidance to assist the FDA in addressing adulteration associated with decomposition and/or histamine identified during surveillance sampling and testing. The draft CPG also increases consumer protections related to histamine poisoning by lowering the levels of histamine in fish at which the FDA indicates that it may take action.