Maine Officials Fear Regulations to Protect Whales Will Devastate Lobster Industry

Maine’s lobstermen say regulations set to take place this September to protect New England’s iconic right whales will severely impact their lobster harvest and cause them to lay off hundreds of workers.

Slow Lobster Season so Far in Maine, but Price is Steady

August 7, 2019 Associated Press

It’s been a slow lobster season so far in Maine, but the lack of crustaceans isn’t translating into high prices for consumers, and fishermen are still hopeful for a bump in catch this summer.

Extra Menhaden Catch Could Ease Bait Worries for Lobster Industry

State officials hope landing the extra menhaden quota now that peak lobster season has started and bait demand is picking up will help ease fears of a shortage predicted as a result of a 70 percent reduction of landings for herring, Maine’s most popular lobster bait.

Maine Lobster Exports Plunge 84% Since 2018 Tariffs

It’s been 11 months since the first round of Chinese tariffs were announced and the Maine International Trade Center now released tangible numbers on the impact.

Mass. Legislation Seeks To Expand Lobster Processing

Democratic and Republican leaders on Beacon Hill are moving toward consensus on legislation that seeks to expand lobster processing, in turn growing markets and giving consumers a wider selection of lobster products at restaurants and local supermarkets.