Taste Drives Demand and Profit

December 7, 2022 Certified Angus Beef

Quality starts long before feedyard rations reach the bunk, and it weighs heavily on the bottom line. Brian Bertelsen, vice president of field operations for U.S. Premium Beef LLC (USPB), discussed marbling’s impact on grid marketing at the Certified Angus Beef (CAB) annual Feeding Quality Forum.

Novel Farms Reveals World’s First Marbled Cultivated Pork Loin

August 12, 2022 Novel Farms

Novel Farms, Inc. (the Company), a food technology startup based in Berkeley, California, unveils today the first-ever marbled cultivated pork loin.

Brand Specifications Evolve

“Meat heads” by education and experience, scientists and number crunchers gather to analyze the latest scatter plot. Coffee fuels the banter as they discuss where the figures point toward progress.

Beef Grading From Yesterday to Tomorrow

“Marbling is like butter in the pan of potatoes,” said Dale Woerner, Texas Tech meat scientist addressing the recent Feeding Quality Forum in Amarillo. “The more marbling in the beef, the more flavor and performance we get.”

Researcher Leading Effort to Increase Marbling in Beef Without Increasing Overall Fatness

September 16, 2019 GEORGE WATSON, Texas Tech Today

Brad Johnson, the Gordon W. Davis Regent’s Chair in Meat Science and Muscle Biology in the Department of Animal & Food Sciences at Texas Tech University, hopes to unlock one of those secrets to beef marbling without making the cattle fatter and unhealthy.