With New Research, Alaska Groups Aim to Turn Mariculture Into $100M Industry

November 24, 2021 Sabine Poux, KDLL - Kenai

Alaska has an ambitious goal: to turn its growing mariculture business into a $100 million industry by 2040.

Seafood Could Meet Much of the World’s Increasing Demand For Protein

August 24, 2020 Oregon State University

Policy reforms and technological improvements could drive seafood production upward by as much as 75% over the next three decades, research by Oregon State University and an international collaboration suggests.

With Texas’ Blessing, New Oyster Industry Developing Along Gulf

It’s a pearl of an idea. Wild oysters already are harvested in a strictly regulated fishery in Texas. But beginning as early as the end of this year, these prized shellfish raised on saltwater farms in the Laguna Madre and elsewhere along the coast could begin hitting seafood stores.

Mariculture a Growing Opportunity for Alaska Industry

Mariculture is a developing industry that provides multiple benefits to the people of Alaska: economic, environmental, and cultural. In Alaska, the term mariculture specifically refers to enhancement, restoration and farming of shellfish and seaweed.

The Makeup of Mariculture: FSU Researchers Examine Global Trends in Seafood Farming

When Florida families settle down to enjoy a seafood dinner they may not realize the main dish wasn’t freshly caught in the nearby Gulf of Mexico, but rather farmed off the coast of Panama.