Smithfield Foods to Close Bulk of Operation in Beaver County, Utah Impacting Estimated 250+ Workers

June 21, 2022 Ashley Imlay,

Smithfield Foods announced Friday it is closing the majority of its operation in Beaver County, prompting an outcry from the rural community.

Meat Processing Plant to be Build South of Rapid City

May 31, 2022 Nick Nelson, KOTA

Kingsbury & Associates, along with Sirius Realty plan on constructing an 8 thousand head per day packing plant off Highway 79 just south of Rapid City. It will process beef, and will have a bison line as well.

Meatpacking CEOs Set to Take Heat From Congress Amid Soaring Prices

April 28, 2022 TOBIAS BURNS, The Hill

The CEOs of several meatpacking companies are expected to come under tough questioning from lawmakers Wednesday at a House hearing where soaring food prices are likely to take center stage.

Meatpacking Company Strauss Meats to Abandon Plans to Build Larger Slaughterhouse

March 2, 2022 Caroline Reinwald, WISN

Strauss Meats sent a statement essentially saying it would not build a slaughterhouse at the proposed site following extensive community outrage.

The Meatpacking Industry in Rural America During the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 12, 2021 USDA ERS

There was increased attention to the meatpacking industry recently as high rates of outbreaks of the coronavirus (COVID-19) caused some meatpacking plants to temporarily shut down. Just over 500,000 people work in the meatpacking industry in the United States.