The Meatpacking Industry in Rural America During the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 12, 2021 USDA ERS

There was increased attention to the meatpacking industry recently as high rates of outbreaks of the coronavirus (COVID-19) caused some meatpacking plants to temporarily shut down. Just over 500,000 people work in the meatpacking industry in the United States.

People React to Meatpacking Plant Shuttering Operations After DEP Violation

February 26, 2021 Peggy Lee, WNEP

As employees at the Nicholas Meat packing plant left their jobs at the end of the day, they’re also leaving the company for the foreseeable future.

Tyson Foods Shareholders Reject Call for Human Rights Report; Advocates Say They’re Gaining Momentum

Tyson Foods investors have rejected a call for the company, which operates large meatpacking plants in Iowa, to disclose more information about how it protects workers from abuse.

After Hundreds Of Meatpacking Workers Died From COVID-19, Congress Wants Answers

A key congressional panel launched an investigation this week into the wave of COVID-19 infections that killed hundreds of workers at meatpacking plants nationwide last year and highlighted longstanding hazards in the industry.

Federal Judge: Order Keeping Meatpackers Open Can’t Shield Tyson Foods in Lawsuit

A lawsuit claiming Tyson Foods’ negligence contributed to a Waterloo worker’s death is returning to state court after a federal judge rejected the company’s claims it was acting as directed by federal officials.