In a Crowded Apple Market, Bet on Winners Like SweeTango

With this year’s U.S. apple crop projected to be even larger than last year’s crop, how can retailers cut through the noise to maximize their apple sales? Kick off your apple season with proven, perennial winners like SweeTango® – its great eating experience, huge fan base and coordinated marketing support make it a sure bet for retailers, the apple’s growers say. SweeTangos will start shipping from across the country shortly after Labor Day, they report.

“Best Ever Eating” Sweetango Crop Starts Shipping Post-Labor Day

SweeTango® apple growers and packers are universally singing the praises of this year’s crop, and urging retailers to place orders now to take advantage of the brand’s marketing plans. Fruit will start shipping right after Labor Day, SweeTango sales desks report.

Shippers to Retailers: “Consumers Want More SweeTango”

Poised to begin the second half of their marketing season, SweeTango® apple growers across North America are advising their best retailers to stock up to meet continued strong demand from the variety’s passionate consumer fans.

Coordinated Marketing Fuels Record Sweetango Apple Sales

A coordinated strategy of aggressive retail push and consumer pull activities has already driven sales of 2020-crop SweeTango® apples to the top of the charts this season, growers of the managed variety report. And given the exceptional quality of this year’s SweeTango crop, they are urging retailers to get on board now for a strong season finish.