Bakeries Adjust to New Marketplace During the Pandemic

Whether people are staying home due to the COVID-19 coronavirus or due the summer heat, New Mexican bakeries are still selling their goods during the pandemic.

Policy Priorities for the Food Industry During the Pandemic

As the nation’s health crisis continues, the food industry and the millions of our frontline workers across the country remain dedicated to providing the essential service of ensuring that Americans have access to safe and affordable food every day.

The Robots that Pack Bread During the Pandemic

July 27, 2020 JONATHAN VANIAN, Fortune

During the pandemic, robots are the literal breadwinners.

Bellegarde Bakery Joins Growing List of Closures for Now, Some for Good

Bellegarde, founded in New Orleans in 2013, provided stone-milled products to over 120 restaurants and markets in Louisiana prior to the pandemic.

AIB International Launches Pandemic Prepared Certification

July 22, 2020 AIB International

AIB International has launched the Pandemic Prepared Certification. This is the first certification standard created for the food and beverage supply chain that elevates critical planning for people, facilities and production inputs and delivers significant social impacts, builds bottom line resiliency, and unlocks insurance benefits.