PeaTos Launches Funyun Killer With Exciting Rebrand at PMA Fresh Summit

October 18, 2019 PeaTos

“We’re thrilled to unveil our brand-new look,” says Nick Desai, CEO of PeaTos. “We have had such incredible response to the taste of our products, but the branding needed some work, and now we are firing on all cylinders!

World Peas Brand Peatos Resolves Trademark Dispute with Frito Lay

April 18, 2019 World Peas Brand

World Peas Brand Peatos, a division of Snack it Forward, today announced its trademark-related disputes between Frito Lay and Snack it Forward have been amicably resolved. Peatos will be winning fans for decades to come.

Peatos Becomes the Fastest Growing Snack in the Produce Section

December 17, 2018 World Peas Brand™ Peatos

Peatos is driving growth in plant-based snacking and has become the fastest-growing snack brand in the produce section in thousands of stores across the country, according to retailer data.