FDA Proposes Changes to Agricultural Water Requirements in the Produce Safety Rule

December 3, 2021 FDA

Under this proposal, farms would be required to conduct annual systems-based agricultural water assessments to determine and guide appropriate measures to minimize potential risks associated with pre-harvest agricultural water. The assessment would include an evaluation of the water system, agricultural water use practices, crop characteristics, environmental conditions, potential impacts on source water by activities conducted on adjacent and nearby land, and other relevant factors, such as the results of optional testing.

Buyer, Seller, Grower Groups Join Forces to Fund CPS Produce Safety Research

August 24, 2021 Center for Produce Safety

Investing in the food safety of fresh produce comes down to pride, potential, partnership and priorities, say the latest major contributors to Center for Produce Safety’s (CPS) research program.

United Fresh Produce Association Supports Produce Safety Pipeline

The United Fresh Produce Association announced its continued commitment to the future of produce safety professionals with the addition of two part time summer interns and complimentary registration to the produce safety track of Reimagine Conversations for all undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in produce safety.

Million-Dollar CPS Donors: Produce Safety is a “Top-Level Threat”

March 17, 2021 Center for Produce Safety

Two of the fresh produce industry’s leading organizations are each donating $1 million to Center for Produce Safety (CPS), to continue that group’s work to fund science, find solutions and fuel change in fresh produce food safety.

PMA Takes Lead on Updating Industry on Current State of Produce Safety

November 13, 2020 Produce Marketing Association

Produce Marketing Association has announced a pair of virtual meetings to discuss the current state of produce safety in the industry which includes discussion of outbreaks in leafy greens and proposed FDA regulation. The meetings are planned specifically to engage experts to speak candidly about what is working, what is not working, and what the industry and regulatory partners can do to proactively enhance produce safety.