UP, UP AND AWAY! The Jacob Javits Center’s Rooftop Farm Movie Highlights

Jim Prevor’s Perishable Pundit ran a piece titled, Up On The Roof: An Urban Farm Right Above The New York Produce Show And Conference, which highlighted the fact that The New York Produce Show and Conference, though in the middle of New York City, was now actually taking place right under a farm! We made a little video to show case what was going on “Up on the Roof”

Up On The Roof: An Urban Farm Right Above The New York Produce Show And Conference

The world is a funny place. Who would have thought that in doing a trade show and conference in Manhattan, probably the most urbanized place in America, that we would be closer to  pear trees and carrots growing than any produce event in the United States, maybe the world! How did this come about? Well because the Javits Center, where we hold the New York Produce Show and Conference just did an expansion and included a rooftop farm, greenhouse and orchard!

Lufa Farms Doubles its Production Capacity With The Launch of its 4th and World’s Largest Rooftop Farm

August 31, 2020 Lufa Farms

This latest rooftop greenhouse doubles its fresh vegetable production capacity, adding 163 800 sqft for a total 300 000 sqft. Harvest of 10 varieties of tomatoes and 3 varieties of eggplants began on June 26 and reached full production on August 11th and now yields 25,000 lb of produce each week, allowing Lufa Farms to serve more and more Quebec families year-round.