America’s Scallop Harvest Projected to Decline Again In 2022

America’s scallop fishing industry will continue to decline in catch into next year due to a decrease in the availability of the oft-pricy shellfish off the East Coast, federal regulators say.

Maine’s Scallop Fishery Poised to Open

Hancock County residents can look forward to feasting on freshly harvested sea scallops when the 2020-21 scallop fishing season kicks off in coming weeks. Maine’s scallop fishery landed 415,818 pounds of scallop meats worth $ 4.359 million in 2019, making it the state’s 10th most lucrative seafood.

Scallop Fishing Off New England to be Limited for Months

June 1, 2020 Associated Press

Federal regulators say scallop fishing off New England will be subject to limitations for about the next 10 months.