AQUA Cultured Foods Partners with Ginkgo Bioworks to Optimize Alt-Seafood Production

March 27, 2024 AQUA Cultured Foods

AQUA has chosen Ginkgo to help optimize its innovative fermentation technology to elevate the quality of its fish-free seafood products that authentically replicate the look, feel, and taste of fresh-caught seafood. Leveraging Ginkgo’s microbial characterization and analytics, along with AQUA’s proprietary strains and processes, the partners aim to transform the future of alt-seafood production.

A Day On the Ocean With Maine’s Tough Winter Scallopers

Though often romanticized for tourists and marketing, there’s little glamor in the work of a Maine fisherman — especially in the dead of winter, when the state’s scalloping season takes place.

Fishing for Scallops When the Scallops Are Nearly All Dead

Peconic Bay scallops are as delicate as they are delicious. But at the moment, most of the adult scallops in Peconic Bay are dead.

Lund’s Fisheries Makes Major New Investment in Scallop Operations Despite Downturn in Quotas

January 9, 2023 Lund's Fisheries Inc.

Lund’s Fisheries is making a major new investment in its scallop operations, with the acquisition of a new tunnel freezer for its Cape May, New Jersey facility. The $2 million dollar purchase will allow the company to continue to grow its scallop sales, and demonstrates its commitment to the future of the scallop fishery.

America’s Scallop Harvest Projected to Decline Again In 2022

America’s scallop fishing industry will continue to decline in catch into next year due to a decrease in the availability of the oft-pricy shellfish off the East Coast, federal regulators say.