SCiFi Foods Conducts World’s First Sustainability Study of Cultivated Beef Products Proving Climate Benefit Claims

December 19, 2022 SCiFi Foods

The study, conducted by The Ohio State University (OSU), was further validated by Sustainability, a peer-reviewed, open-access academic journal published by MDPI, who, after a lengthy analysis, ultimately approved and published the study. Currently, it is available for all to read online, free of charge.

SCiFi Foods Hits Major Milestone in the Cultivated Meat Race to Price Parity

July 14, 2022 SCiFi Foods

Bay Area-based food tech startup, SCiFi Foods, which officially emerged from stealth just last month, has publicly announced its first major R&D milestone today. The company, which focuses on the development and growth of cultured beef cells, has achieved a massive breakthrough by becoming the first organization in the world to announce edible beef cell lines that grow in single-cell suspension.