Tampa Bay Shellfish Farmers Can Resume Harvesting at Sunrise After Red Tide Scare

Aquaculture farmers in lower Tampa Bay will be allowed to resume harvesting at sunrise Saturday after the state temporarily shut them down because of fears of Red Tide blooming in the area.

New NC State Law Touted as a Big Boost for Shellfish Farming

Gov. Roy Cooper late Friday signed a bill making long-sought changes to North Carolina’s shellfish leasing program that was unanimously approved in the General Assembly.

Shellfish Growers are Feeling Climate Change’s Effects Now

Shellfish farming in Washington is a multimillion-dollar industry with a history as deep as Puget Sound. However, recent decades of warming oceans and higher levels of ocean acidification continue to challenge shellfish farming practices.

Shellfish Farming is Likely to Expand in Taunton Bay

Last Thursday, the Taunton Bay Oyster Co. held a scoping session to introduce its plan to apply for 13.85-acre aquaculture lease for the bottom culture of oysters in Taunton Bay northwest of the Route 1 bridge off Cedar Point in Hancock.