Divine Flavor Adopts Stepac’s Modified Atmosphere Standing Pouches

January 20, 2021 StePac

hey’re designed to significantly lengthen the shelf life of fresh produce and reduce waste in the supply chain as well as in the consumer’s homes.

StePac Acquisition By Nili Capital: New Prospects For Growth

December 3, 2020 StePac

Fresh produce packaging specialists StePac L.A., Ltd. has been acquired by Nili Capital Partners, an Israeli private equity fund. As a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions to the fresh produce industry, StePac will form the nucleus of Nili’s modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) platform, MAPfresh Holdings, Inc.

StePac: Smart Packaging Enhances Food Safety and Security

March 26, 2020 StePac

Amid food shortage fears, particularly for fresh produce and uncertainties unnerving the global community in the wake of the Corona virus pandemic, sustainable packaging specialist StePac demonstrates how its modified atmosphere packaging solutions can help alleviate many of the concerns related to food contamination and food security.

Advanced Packaging Aims to Cut Fresh Green Bean Waste

January 22, 2020 StePac

The company’s advanced solution under the brand name Xtend® targets food waste in the foodservice supply chain and delivers added benefits of preserving the quality, crispiness, and glossy green color of fresh green beans while maintaining full fresh flavor.

Sustainable Packaging From StePac aims to Extend the Pomegranate Season

January 6, 2020 StePac

The company introduces its latest range of sustainable packaging solutions, perfect for preserving the freshness and extending the shelf life of pomegranates and their extracted arils.