Research by Wageningen University Shows StePac’s Sustainable Packaging Significantly Reduces Greenhouse Gases

January 26, 2023 StePac

Addressing the need for extensive reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, StePac, L.A. Ltd. analyzed supply chains it is closely involved with to assess how its advanced packaging preserves quality of fresh produce during handling, shipping, and storing, and by doing so reduces waste and saves GHG emissions.

BASF and StePac Partner to Develop Sustainable Packaging for Shelf-Life Extension of Fresh Produce

December 30, 2022 StePac

BASF SE and StePac Ltd. have joined forces to create the next generation of sustainable packaging specifically for the fresh produce sector. Supplying StePac with its Ultramid® CcycledTM, a chemically recycled polyamide 6, BASF will provide its partner greater flexibility to advance contact-sensitive packaging formats to a higher sustainable standard within the circular economy.

StePac’s Automated Packaging Formats Reign on the Chile- China Route

February 22, 2022 StePac

StePac Ltd.’s lean, automated Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) solutions gained rave reviews among Chilean cherry packers and exporters especially during the recent China cherry export season ahead of the recent Chinese New Year celebrations. The novel packaging formats have proven instrumental in helping the packers make the transition from manual to faster and more efficient automatized processes to counter the recent labor shortage hurdles.

StePac Launches Lean and Fully Recyclable Top Seal Solution

September 22, 2021 StePac

Fresh produce packaging innovators, StePac Ltd. has expanded its range of top seals with new solutions to boost the retail fresh produce packaging sector. Its newly upgraded portfolio includes lean and fully recyclable easy peel film structures designed to be sealed onto trays or containers housing produce items such as summer fruits, freshly cut fruits and vegetables and more for on-the-go convenience.

Divine Flavor Adopts Stepac’s Modified Atmosphere Standing Pouches

January 20, 2021 StePac

hey’re designed to significantly lengthen the shelf life of fresh produce and reduce waste in the supply chain as well as in the consumer’s homes.