Derbyshire Cheese Maker Upset at Post-Brexit Stilton Fee

March 19, 2021 BBC

One of the few dairies allowed to make Stilton said it has had to stop sales to the European Union (EU) since Brexit.

Love of Stilton Drives Wedge Between UK and Japan in Post-Brexit Trade Talks

Having promised to rush through a post-Brexit trade deal, Japan and Britain made significant progress only to discover that the fate of Stilton has driven a wedge between them.

From French Brie to British Stilton: Cheesemakers Turn to Public With Cry For Help

June 29, 2020 Alex Ledsom, Forbes

Many cheesemakers have suffered a huge dip in sales during the pandemic, leading many producers in France and England to worry about the future of the industry. The wonderfully pungent and crumbly Stilton cheese, which Robinson Crusoe author Daniel Defoe called in 1724, the “British version of parmesan” is just the latest to ask for help.

Stilton Cheesemakers Warn They Risk Going Bust as Sales Plunge 30%

The UK’s only trademarked cheese risks disappearing with restaurants closed and British shoppers opting for foreign produce instead, an industry body has warned.