Sunkist Launches ‘Sunkist Matchmakers’ – The Ultimate Culinary Challenge with a Citrus Twist for Upcoming National Sunkist Citrus Day  

February 20, 2024 Sunkist Growers

The 2nd annual National Sunkist Citrus Day is coming up on March 1st and the longest-standing fresh citrus cooperative is celebrating every bite with a culinary challenge and multi-variety display contest.  

Sunkist Unveils Limited-Edition Year of the Dragon Carton for Lunar New Year

January 25, 2024 Sunkist Growers

Citrus is considered a prized staple of Chinese and Lunar New Year festivities, as it is traditionally given as a gift symbolizing good luck and prosperity in the future. Sunkist has created a limited-edition Year of the Dragon-themed 10-pound carton to help keep the citrus category at the forefront of longstanding celebrations domestically and across Asia.

Sunkist Unveils New Sales Strategy and Streaming Commercial

October 16, 2023 Sunkist Growers

Sunkist Growers is primed for the return of California citrus season with inclusive category insights, new sales strategies, and shopper-marketing and merchandising programs to help drive the category all season long.

Sunkist Growers Revamps Cara Program; Meet The Pink Orange

September 26, 2023 Sunkist Growers

Sunkist Growers comprises over 1,000 multi-generational farmers, many of whom specialize in Cara Cara oranges, leading the cooperative to serve as one of the largest Cara suppliers in the game. Super sweet. Uniquely pink. Sunkist has redesigned its packaging options and merchandising offerings based on consumer trends and insights to better drive the category this citrus season.

Sunkist Growers Primed for Citrus Season with Exclusive Consumer Insights & Innovative Strategies to Drive the Category  

August 30, 2023 Sunkist Growers

While wrapping up its 130th season, the longest-standing fresh citrus cooperative in the nation is looking ahead, focusing on the highly-anticipated return of California citrus season.