Industry First Survey from SuperMeat of American Chefs Reveals 86% are Interested in Serving Cultivated Meat and Most Are Willing to Pay Premiums for a First Taste

October 28, 2022 SuperMeat

SuperMeat, a foodtech company working to supply the world with high-quality cultivated meat, today reveals a survey of chefs across America, spanning fine dining to fast food, showing sentiment on the emerging cultivated meat industry and their candid thoughts on serving it on restaurant menus. Results show consumers are becoming more conscious of the impact of their dietary choices and chefs are interested in the benefits and appeal of cultivated meat options, even if it means paying more. As cultivated meat nears the market, these results signify that the premiere foodservice professionals across the country are prepared and awaiting the opportunity to try it for themselves.

SuperMeat to Accelerate Cultivated Meat Commercialization with New Open Source System that Will Reduce Production Costs for the Industry, Supported by Israeli Innovation Authority Grant

June 7, 2022 SuperMeat

SuperMeat, a food tech company working to supply the world with high-quality cultivated meat, has received a grant from the Israeli Innovation Authority to establish an open high-throughput screening system for optimizing cultivated meat feed ingredients, helping the entire industry work toward commercial viability.

Ajinomoto Partners with Cultivated Meat Company SuperMeat, Anticipates Bright Future in Cellular Agriculture

March 14, 2022 SuperMeat

SuperMeat, a food-tech company working to supply the world with high-quality cultivated meat, announced a new strategic partnership with Ajinomoto Co., Inc. (“Ajinomoto Co.”) to establish a commercially viable supply chain platform for the cultivated meat industry. As part of the partnership, Ajinomoto Co. will invest in SuperMeat as one of its corporate venture capital projects.

Cultivated Meat Passes the Taste Test

January 21, 2022 ARYN BAKER, TIME

Renowned Israeli gastronome Michal Ansky knows her food. She’s a professional taster and a Master Chef judge. So when she was invited to the world’s first public blind taste test pitting lab-grown, or cultivated, chicken up against a conventionally raised product, she jumped at the chance. It was a historic opportunity, but she was also confident that she would be able to tell the difference.