Price Growth, Higher Value Products to Drive Slight Gains in US Yogurt Sales

January 3, 2022 The Freedonia Group

US retail sales of refrigerated yogurt are forecast to see minimal annual growth in nominal terms through 2025, according to Yogurt: United States, a report recently released by Freedonia Focus Reports. In volume terms, refrigerated yogurt retail sales are projected to fall 1.2% annually during the forecast period. However, retail value sales will benefit from rising prices as consumers increasingly prefer specialty yogurts as well as those made for more specific dietary needs.

Yogurt Sales Sour As US Breakfast Culture Changes

Yogurt companies are confident that more new products can boost sales. But some analysts are skeptical, saying larger trends — like growing sales of protein bars — will be hard to turn around.

US Yogurt Sales Decline as Consumers are Overwhelmed

The feverish yogurt boom is over. Or, then again, maybe yogurt makers are just getting started. Data on the yogurt market show that U.S. yogurt sales are declining after years of explosive growth that begat a veritable smorgasbord of interpretations of the creamy, fermented goo (See: Greek! Icelandic! French! Probiotic!) on grocery store shelves.