Don’t Overcook The Ham!

Lets make an Easter pledge: We wont put a fully cooked spiral sliced ham in
the oven for two hours. We wont dry out the ham to shoe-leather quality; and thats not just a clich, its a bad taste.

Glazes For Ham, Rubs For Lamb Impart Flavors Of Spring

Just as Peeps and chocolate bunnies are de rigueur in Easter baskets, so is a
leg o lamb or a half ham the quintessential centerpiece for a spring feast. And
because these meats are holiday fare, they need to be dolled up in their
prettiest and tastiest finery. For ham, you want it to shine bright with fruity glazes. With lamb, you need to spread it on thick. Aromatic herbs and spices rubbed into
the meat and left to meld for hours is the ideal treatment

Ham Or Lamb For Easter?

“Ham vs. lamb” may not rise to the level of theological debate, but when it
comes to Easter dinner, the issue can divide celebrants into zealous partisan
camps. Whose meat reigns supreme? We put the question to two passionate chefs.

Smithfield To Give Nearly 9 Tons Of Ham To VA Foodbanks

Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia this week will receive one of the largest donations in its history about 17,500 pounds of ham from Smithfield Foods Inc. Smithfield also will donate about 17,500 pounds to Foodbank of the Virginia Peninsula.

Struggling U.S. Beef Industry Sees Profits Again

March 31, 2010 Bob Burgdorfer, Reuters

Beef and cattle prices should not move much higher, but they may not drop significantly as beef demand should stay strong with the spring cookout season fast approaching, while supplies remain tight, economists said.