Alaskan Pollock And Salmon Projected For Big Year In 2018

Next year is looking like another big one for pollock in the Bering Sea and sockeye salmon in Bristol Bay. But times are tough for cod fishermen, especially in the Gulf of Alaska.

Connecticut’s Shellfish Industry Is Bouncing Back

A recently released University of Connecticut report says between 2007 and 2015, the state’s shellfish industry saw sales increase by nearly 100 percent.

Finless Foods Has High Hopes For Lab-Grown Tuna

December 29, 2017 Jill Ettinger, LiveKindly

The company, founded by Mike Selden and Brian Wyrwas, says it’s on target to bring to market a lab-grown Bluefin tuna by the end of 2019. Like lab-grown clean meat, Finless Foods uses cells from the fish to grow the meat without the need, in this case, to catch an endangered species or any of the bycatch commonly caught in nets, including sharks, dolphins, and turtles.

High Abuse Shrink Bags Market Is Expected To Generate Huge Profits

December 29, 2017 Future Market Insights

Shelf life acts as an essential factor among meat packaging manufacturers while choosing packaging bags and films. High-abuse shrink bags are one such solution to extend the shelf life of fresh meat products by offering advanced innovative and patented technology.

Fresh Meat Packaging Market Forecast To Reach $2.3B By 2023

December 29, 2017 Research and Markets

Factors such as increasing shelf-life of the product, improved standard of living, and sustainable benefits of flexible films over rigid packaging and advancement in the packaging technology are driving the market growth. However, Environmental issues such as recyclability and sustainability and health concerns are some of the factors that are hampering market growth.