#PearPizza Campaign Generates Pear Excitement During National Pizza Month

Just in time for National Pizza Month, USA Pears is bringing back its pear pizza takeover campaign. Following a successful execution the past two seasons, resulting in greater consumer awareness of pears on pizza, the organization is bringing the campaign back for its third year. The latest iteration of the campaign includes a consumer contest on social media, influencers and bloggers creating and sharing their pear pizza recipes, and major retailers posting pear pizza content for their shoppers. 

USApple Launches 2021-22 Apples4Ed Grant Program

October 1, 2021 USApple

The U.S. Apple Association has launched its 2021-22 Apples4Ed initiative—a grant program that supports healthy eating initiatives in public schools across the United States. USApple will fund five $4,000 healthy eating initiatives on campuses in 2022. 

Want to Help The World While Helping The Industry? Reduce Online Out-of-Stocks

The produce shelves of today’s retail stores are filled with innovative produce items, which offer flavor and convenience, new eating experiences and more. From new varieties of apples and grapes to innovative fresh-cuts and packaged items, one would think that this explosion of innovative activity would have led to substantial increases in produce consumption. Yet, the Produce for Better Health Foundation has studied the matter and tells us that this is not true.

Forward Greens Releases New Products, Now Available in Safeway and Albertsons Stores

October 1, 2021 Forward Greens

Vancouver-based indoor farm, Forward Greens, today announces a new 11-product lineup of microgreens, salad greens and baby greens, now available in Safeway and Albertsons stores across Oregon and SW Washington. Salad greens, a combination of baby greens and microgreens, is a new addition to Forward Greens. All of the new products are a fun mix of texture, flavor and color for a more unique eating sensation, delivered from our local farm to market for peak freshness.

New Ultrasensitive Detector by Photonics21 Claims to Discover Pesticides And Bacteria 50 to 100 Times Quicker than Existing Technologies

October 1, 2021 Photonics21

A new ultrasensitive detector harnesses light particles to spot the tiniest traces of pesticide or bacteria in minutes – 50 to 100 times quicker than existing technologies.