Dependable Backup Power System Provides Peace of Mind for Cheese Business

April 18, 2024 Volvo Penta, POWER

Cheese Merchants has built strong relationships with contractors and technology providers as an extension of its founding principles focused on quality and customer service.

SupplyOne to Present Packaging Process and Products at the 2024 Cheese Expo

By partnering with SupplyOne, cheese companies can increase purchasing efficiencies, cut down inventory investment, raise employee productivity, and free production space.

Fiserv Meets Growing Appetite for Self-Service Technology in the Restaurant Industry with Launch of Clover Kiosk

April 18, 2024 Fiserv

In addition to the newly launched Clover Kiosk, Fiserv has also enhanced its Clover Kitchen Display System, which allows orders to be accessed by back-of-house staff on a large, digital display, allowing seamless order fulfillment at food prep stations.

Cantaloupe, Inc. Partners with Monumental Markets to Streamline Operation and Enhance Guest Experience with Seed Markets Platform 

April 18, 2024 Cantaloupe Inc.

The addition of the Seed Driver app has also provided transparency into service visits, with drivers leveraging the photo feature to capture post-service images remotely. This has been instrumental in meeting customer expectations and ensuring service quality. 

Back By Popular Demand, Enhanced AI Virtual Workshop from Institute of Food Technologists Returning Next Week

Recognizing the need to address the rapidly evolving nature of AI technology, IFT is offering a newly updated version of the course to help learners better understand how to leverage the potentially transformative power of AI and gain proficiency using it in their daily lives.