America’s Biggest Coffee Chain Is Closing These Bakery Locations for Good

If you’ve become a fan of the artisanal brioches, cinnamon rolls, and sourdough that Starbucks has introduced in recent years, the chain has disappointing news. After less than three years of operation, the world’s biggest coffee brand is suddenly about to shutter one of its boldest food ventures ever.

Legend has it Starbucks founder Howard Schultz grew enamored with products at Princi, an Italian bakery, when he discovered the brand during a business trip in Milan around 2016. With Princi already having a presence in London at that time, in July 2018 Starbucks announced its license to open U.S. Princi bakery locations in Seattle, New York, and Chicago.

Starbucks also made Princi the food supplier to Starbucks’ two more upmarket destination brands: The “experiential” Starbucks Roastery, as well as Starbucks Reserve—the wine bar concept that the coffee chain has introduced in some metropolitan areas in the past decade. A spokesperson for Starbucks tells Eat This, Not That! that Princi will continue to supply its full range of pastries, breads, tarts, and more at these specialty locations.

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