Consumer Demands And Economy Shape Trends Into 2010

The year 2009 brought considerable changes in the way consumers think about
food. Job cuts, lost benefits and reduced spending spurred a new mindset
surrounding food purchases and how it can be a means to a healthy lifestyle.

In January, trend forecasters remarked on the lack of typical diet-themed
products. Instead, consumers declared their intention to create personalized
diets, choosing options that embraced healthy living with minimal compromise in
terms of flavor and texture. Beyond nourishment, food was simultaneously
recognized as an indulgence and a tool to fight disease. In response,
manufacturers regrouped with great-tasting products that addressed consumer
concerns regarding heart disease, diabetes, gluten intolerance and food

“Consumers are the key driver shaping the landscape of the better-for-you
categories,” said Abby Ceule, marketing manager, Caravan Ingredients, Lenexa,
KS. “When consumers are able to identify with the foods they are consuming,
their view of perceived value and benefit goes up.”

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