Dutch Stroopwafel Finds Fans

A bite is all it takes for visitors to the Netherlands to become instantly addicted to stroopwafel, or "syrup waffles." But for decades, the famous Dutch cookie was difficult to find outside Holland, making stroopwafel a top-seller among anxious departing travelers at the Amsterdam airport. A casual Internet search for the confection still brings up dozens of urgent pleas, all variations on "Where can I find stroopwafel in Dallas/ Los Angeles/ the Philippines?"

Fortunately for those in the Bay Area, stroopwafel can be found locally — and the waffle-like cookies are winning new fans.

Trader Joe's carries a mini version and Whole Foods offers them in maple and honey flavors. But it's in San Jose that the stroop-ophile can find unparalleled variety. Its worn, old-timey interior may suggest that the Holland Pastry and Gift Shop has not changed much in its 60 years. But there, aficionados will find an impressive eight brands of stroopwafel — or "siroopwafel," depending on the brand — including the version marketed by Albert Heijn, the popular Dutch supermarket chain.

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