It’s Not a ‘Real Bagel’ Unless It’s Made In NJ – or Has This Bergen Company’s Ingredient

German athletes chugged it to refuel during the 2018 Olympics. Health nuts drink it to feed the good bacteria in their guts. Meatless burger companies use it to make their patties look grilled to perfection.

But before malted barley launched into the stratosphere of trendy health food crazes, it was used to create the crust on loaves of Italian bread and form the chewy skin of bagels.

In North Jersey, many bakers were (and still are) buying this goopy, molasses-like substance from the Malt Products Corporation, a family-owned company based in Saddle Brook that has been open since 1957. Malt Products Corporation started as a small, local business, but has since grown to sell barley malt and other extracts like agave, tapioca and corn sweeteners to companies worldwide.

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