Make Valentine’s Day A “Red Letter Day” From Start To Finish

HUNT VALLEY, Md.- A red letter day, sometimes called a “scarlet day,” is any day
of special significance. This year, Valentine’s Day happens to fall on a Sunday,
and what better way to celebrate than with a special “Red Letter Day” menu
filled with fun and flavorful McCormick recipes and tips for the entire family.
From a colorful twist on a breakfast favorite to a signature red velvet cake for
dessert, McCormick has created treats to start and end your “Red Letter Day.”

“Sure, Valentine’s Day is about love and romance, but why not make it about fun
and food too,” says Mary Beth Harrington, Senior Culinary Specialist, McCormick
Kitchens. “Infusing the signature color of the day red into baking and
activities is a great way to bring everyone together to celebrate.”

Jump start your day of red with a hearty and warm family breakfast by serving up
“Love Bug” Cinnamon Pancakes spiced up with the flavors of cinnamon and vanilla,
topped with red strawberries or raspberries and a sprinkle of red colored sugar
or coconut. Cinnamon-spiked Hot Cocoa with Red Sugar-Crusted Marshmallows is the
perfect way to share a heart-warming moment with everyone in the family. Say “I
love you” for dessert with rich and delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes, and get the
kids involved by personalizing each one with a special love note.

McCormick offers these Valentine’s Day tipsfrom Cupid himself:

  • Shades of Red. Mix McCormick Red Food Color into batter or frosting to
    create varying Valentine’s shades. For a 16 ounce container of white frosting,
    start with 6 drops for a light pink hue and deepen the color by adding 2-4
    drops until you reach the desired shade of red. You can also try swirling two
    shades of cake batter together before baking for a marble effect.
  • Create Your Own Toppings. Add color and texture with creative toppings on
    everything from pancakes to cookies to cupcakes. Tint shredded coconut or
    sugars by tossing them with a few drops of McCormick Red Food Color in a
    resealable plastic bag. Shake to evenly distribute color.
  • Give them Your Heart. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut everything
    from pancakes to brownies and even sandwiches on this Red Letter Day. To
    personalize it even more, decorate cookies and cupcakes by piping personalized
    love notes to every one in the family.

For more recipes, tips and fun ideas to create your family’s own “Red Letter
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