S. Rosen’s Official Statement to Heinz and Wonder: Congratulations on Catching Up Ketchup, but We Solved the Hot Dog and Bun Mismatch… 17 Years Ago

CHICAGO — Frankly speaking, facts matter. In a statement directed at ketchup manufacturer Heinz and Wonder Bread’s recent incorrect claims to have brokered the first deal between bun and hot dog makers, S. Rosen’s Buns politely applauds the rest of the industry for finally catching up, but clarifies their trademarked “Piece Treaty of 2005, Every Bun Has its Dog,” event scooped them, by 17 years. S. Rosen’s and Vienna Beef Hot Dogs came together in 2005 to right the age-old packaging mismatch with 8-count packs for each.

“What was a proud moment for S. Rosen’s buns and Vienna Beef in 2005 has only grown for 17 years now as we were the first to come together for the greater good of hot dog lovers in Chicagoland and everywhere when we righted the packaging mismatch with 8-counts for each,” said Alpha Baking’s company president, Mark Marcucci. “It’s no wonder others in related industries have followed in our footsteps in an effort to catch up, kudos to them. We feel hot dog lovers, however, deserve the truth, S. Rosen’s and Vienna Beef were the first and only bun and hot dog makers to create this equal packaging partnership,” added Marcucci.

Vienna Beef president Timothy O’Brien added, “We respect the ketchup and bun makers for working together and following the example we set way back in 2005, but want to clarify we already solved this issue. For the record, we love ketchup and believe this popular condiment has its place, on french fries and tater tots, just not on a Chicago Style hot dog. If anyone is interested in learning more, visit our website, https://www.viennabeef.com/shop-now/.”

For the official Chicago-style hot dog recipe using 8-count packs of Vienna Beef hot dogs and S. Rosen’s poppy seed buns, visit https://www.srosens.com/recipes/chicago-style-hot-dog-how-to/.